The Backyard Honey beekeepers provide engaging apiary seminars and school incursions to support environmental health and bee-awareness.

With professional backgrounds in science, health and education, Jane and Peter tailor sessions for individual groups to:

Change the way we think about food.

Engage different types of participants.

Make positive change to our community.

Backyard Honey’s apiary session provide real-life opportunities to talk to a beekeeper, see, touch, taste and smell apiary tools, honey, wax and propolis. The inclusion of live bees in a fully-enclosed Perspex hive is an engaging option.

If you would like to get involved or host your own event please contact us.

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Active members of the community.


The Backyard Honey beekeepers work with students Primary - Tertiary, teachers, landscape designers, Councils and community groups of all ages and hold current Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registration.

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