2020 Sept     

Lux Food and Drinks Award


"On behalf of LUX Life, it is a pleasure to inform you that Backyard Honey Pty Ltd has been awarded: 2020 Best Urban Beekeeping Enterprise - Australia” “ Katherine Benton - Awards Executive - LUX Life, UK 


Australian Food Awards

Bees play a major role in one of the most fundamental ecological processes—the pollination of plants. The Backyard Honey beekeepers proudly support and promote apiary awareness, stimulate public interest and provide object-based learning opportunities, to positively increase the public acceptance of bees as a critical part of a sustainable world:

2020 Oct  Pollinator Week 

2020 June  A BeeC’s: changing our thinking to changing the world


2020 March Plan bee : everything you need to know about urban beekeeping


2019 Oct Spring into Gardening Festival


2019 Oct What’s the buzz about bees

2019 Sept Your chance to be a busy bee 

2019 Aug Bees in our Backyard 


2019 July The Little Beekeeping Festiva


2018 Sept Interview with Peter Dyer, from Backyard Honey 


2018 Jan Evenings with David Astle on ABC Radio National


2017 Oct Bees and honey make a sweet mix


2016 Nov Urban Agriculture Forum


2015 Aug Backyard Beekeeping Australia’s latest craze 


2013 Oct Spring the buzziest time for Surrey hills bee-keeper 



“The future of our food supply may be shaped by cultural and social innovation and cooperation as much as, if not more than, by a series of discrete scientific discoveries”

John T Lang, 2016