What are we measuring?


      MANUKA:           Maori common name for a species commonly referred to in Australia as Teatree                                                                                             and is widely distributed in Australia & NZ


MANUKA HONEY is not unique for bio-activity


      NPA:                           Non Peroxide Antibacterial Activity (NPA) of honey is a scientific scale


      UMF:                            The UMF Unique Manuka Factor is a New Zealand trademark scale


The test used to determine UMF is the NPA test

      MGO:                Many species of plant nectars and pollens produce honey with Methylglyoxal (MGO).                                                                                        The higher MGO level the higher the NPA:

     100% pure raw unheated honey normally has an NPA of at least NPA 10+, or an MGO of at least 250

       TA :           Total antibacterial effectiveness is the sum of the PA (Peroxide Activity 10+) and NPA

                    (Non Peroxide Activity) 


                                                                NPA 15+ = MGO 514 = UMF 25+ = TA 25+

 NPA 30+ = MGO 1620 = UMF 30+ = TA 40+




Prepared by Backyard Honey Pty Ltd. April 2020

Sources: www.backyardhoney.com.au; www.anbg.gov.au/leptospermum/; www.manukahoneyorganic.com/what-is-umf/