Our Honey

Light and sunny, Backyard Honey’s 100% Australian pure raw fully-ripe honeys are naturally made by the bees and harvested from hand-tended bee-hives located among some of Australia’s finest multi-floral gardens, eucalyptus, leptospermum, Australian maunuka, messmate forests and citrus groves.


Our honeys are cold extracted, unpasteurised, chemical free and contain all the natural nutritional goodness of Australian nectars and pollens. No added chemicals, sugar syrup, corn syrup or antibiotics are used in production. Our honeys contain medicinal benefits and have a Kosher accreditation.

Benefits of enjoying 100% locally produced honey from a trusted beekeeper -


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Simply pure raw honey.

Used by International Master chef’s Ben Shewry and Marco-Pierre-White.

Melbourne Multifloral Honey - The taste, flavour, consistency and colour of Backyard Honey’s pure raw unheated multi-floral honeys consistently reflect the seasonality of Melbourne’s parks and gardens.

Victorian Varietal Unheated Honey - The distinctive flavour, colour and consistency of each varietal honey is a product of the climate, nectars and pollens of the river flats, orchards, wildflower ranges and forests of their origin.

Crystallization is a natural process. Temperatures above 45C will diminish the natural health benefits of this pure honey. Do not heat above 45C.

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Medicinal Benefits

More to honey than you may think.

Backyard Honey’s raw, cold extracted honey, preservative and antibiotic free honeys, are harvested and packed to retain maximum bio-activity, vitamins, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The natural antiseptic qualities of our honeys will help relieve a sore throat and provide a natural topical aid for cuts and burns.


Our honeys are a natural pre-biotic to add digestion and natural relief from the annoying symptoms of local pollen allergy. A spoonful of raw honey an hour before bed may help insomniacs sleep better.

Specific Benefits of the honey:

 - Reduces cough and throat irritation

 - Helps prevent cancer and heart disease

 - Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders

 - Increase athletic performance

 - Balances the 5 elements 

 - Helps regulate blood sugars

 - Helps wounds and burns

 - Helps relieve insomnia 

For more information on the medical benefits of 100% pure, raw honey.

100% pure raw unpasteurized honeys are not recommended for infants 0 - 12 months.

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