Backyard Honey would like to thank the following organisations for their ongoing contribution and support of our vision. 

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Backyard Honey proudly supports a variety of non-for-profit organisations including Rotarians for Bees, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, Kew Festival, Canterbury Cricket Club, Lorne CFA and Whiteheads Creek CFA.

Backyard Honey is more than just honey. It’s an amazing relationship between the bee keeper and nature.

- Christie KurrleMasters World Pole Sports Champion 2016

I love honey and recently I had the pleasure of trying Backyard Honey. I must say the flavour is amazing and the texture is so smooth. I would recommend Backyard Honey to everyone. If you like honey give it a try.

- Ken Rees, Lions Club Nunawading President

We hand-picked ‘Yellow box’ Backyard Honey for our honeycomb because of its full bodied and delicious flavour. We love that the honey is local and pure and that we can speak directly to the beekeepers Jane & Peter.

- Tim Clark, Pastry chef / co-owner of CACAO Chocolates & Patisserie

Our collaboration with Backyard Honey continues to work well. The 2021 Project had some very worthwhile learning outcomes.Thank you for continuing to support Deakin University Community Science Project. I really appreciate it. We look forward to working with you again next year.

-  Chris Lim, PhD Teaching Scholar in Biomedical Science / School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre acknowledges the fantastic work done by Backyard Honey in helping to educate people about the importance of bees in the ecosystem and in using a community approach to assist people in bee keeping.  We love seeing jars of Backyard Honey sold locally. Keep up the great work Backyard Honey!

- Shima Ibuki, Centre Manager, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

When we opened our bakery in 2014, we sought out suppliers who shared our values of quality and environmental sustainability. Backyard Honey immediately impressed with their raw, untreated, pure honey, produced with love and skill by Peter and Jane Dyer.

Peter and Jane have collaborated with us in running workshops - Bees in the Burbs - to encourage home beekeeping and the maintenance of bee friendly gardens. They are the real deal - active, sincere and committed!

- Christian, Trish and Alan Blackman, The Honey Thief Bakery

"Absolutely love the whole Backyard Honey concept “hive to heart. Beautiful quality honey that's significantly superior, packed with pollen and nectars from my hood. Can't beat that! ”
- Meaghan Thomson, Owl Studio Graphic and Designer 

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