It started in the family’s backyard….


When Melbourne’s Backyard Honey beekeepers, Peter and Jane Dyer, realised that while many people dreamed of having beehives and harvesting their own pure raw unheated honey, they often did not have the time or apiary experience required.

Inspired by this, Peter and Jane Dyer pursued their beekeeping passion and developed Backyard Honey, an innovative Melbourne urban beekeeping business to: 
•    Sell healthy beehives
•    Maintain heathy hives
•    Harvest raw  local honey and beeswax
•    Supply beekeeping equipment and services
•    Raise positive community pollinator awareness
•    Positively impact on local bio-diversity
•    Improve the pollination of local gardens


​Backyard Honey’s beekeepers love what they do - and hope you do too!

- Peter and Jane Dyer

Backyard Honey acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, including the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, traditional custodians of the land where the Backyard Honey “Apiary” is based.

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Our Honey. Our Bees

Backyard Honey’s pure, 100% all-natural, raw Australian honeys are a cut above the rest. Our biodynamic beekeeping ensures premium quality honey and optimum bee health.

We choose to site our beehives at ground level, where colonies are protected from extreme scorching summer heat and cold winds, in aspects compliant with the Victorian Apiary Code of Practice



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Your Hive

Backyard Honey’s beekeeping services help clients keep productive honey-bee hives and harvest pure raw honeys. Our services enable clients to increase the numbers of local healthy bees, a healthier eco-system and improved food security.

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Bee Management and Services

 Backyard Honey beekeepers provide:

  • swarm removal

  • hive management services 

  • site assessments and hive relocation 

  • apiary and garden consultation

  • apiary equipment

  • honey extraction and packing services.

Backyard Honey beekeepers provide an effective and efficient solution for hive beetles. We use Freezing and Sealing techniques to eradicate hive beetles to maintain beehive health. 



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Education and Events

Backyard Honey’s beekeepers’ teaching, community health and science backgrounds contribute to interactive, engaging and informative bee-advocacy sessions. We work with kindergartens, schools, Universities, community groups, businesses, National Trust (Vic) and City Councils.


Find your local Backyard Honey supplier to pick up our delicious honey today.



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