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100% Australian, pure, raw and fully-ripe honeys naturally made by the bees and harvested by the beekeepers from hand-tended hives located among some of Melbourne's finest multi-floral gardens. Our honeys are cold extracted, unpasteurised, chemical free and have Kosher Australia Accreditation.  

Hive Hosting

Host or purchase a healthy honeybee colony and hive and enjoy the benefits of raw honey straight from the hive, pollination and more. The Backyard Honey beekeepers make this process easy. They provide the necessary hive and apiary skills to safely install and maintain a honeybee hive in your own backyard. 


Backyard Honey provide safe real-life opportunities for clients of all ages to explore life in a honeybee colony, watch live bees at work , taste raw honeys, hear the buzz, handle apiary tools and talk to the beekeepers. Tailored to support curriculum, community and corporate interests.

Beekeeper with Bees

About Us

It started in the family’s backyard….When Melbourne’s Backyard Honey beekeepers, Peter and Jane Dyer, realised that while many people dreamed of having beehives and harvesting their own pure raw unheated honey, they often did not have the time or apiary experience required.

Inspired by this, Peter and Jane Dyer pursued their beekeeping passion and developed Backyard Honey, an innovative Melbourne urban beekeeping business to: 
•    Sell & maintain healthy beehives
•    Harvest raw local honey and beeswax
•    Supply beekeeping equipment and services

  • Perform swarm removal in Melbourne, Bayside, Stonnington and Boroondara

•    Raise positive community pollinator awareness
•    Positively impact on local bio-diversity
•    Improve the pollination of local gardens


In 2021, Peter and Jane handed over the business to Henry Fried and Mary Trumble who are excited to inspire the next generation of beekeepers and uphold the values that Backyard Honey was built on.​ Backyard Honey encourages you to Bee Local, supporting our local pollinators and beekeepers at a time when we need it most.

Backyard Honey acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, including the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, traditional custodians of the land where the Backyard Honey “Apiary” is based

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