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Our Products

Below you will find an extensive list of the retail and food service products that we offer. For pricing, please submit an inquiry below or email us.

Melbourne Multifloral Honey for Retail
  • The taste, flavour, consistency and colour of Backyard Honey’s pure raw unheated multi-floral Melbourne honeys reflect the floral abundance and landscape seasonality of Melbourne gardens.

  • Each hive and Season produces a unique, small batch honey that is tripled strained by our Bee Team to deliver a premium quality honey.

  • On the side of each pot, you'll find when and where the honey was extracted from with over 15 suburbs to choose from in addition to the all up Gardens of Melbourne blend - our favourite!

  • All honey available in 330g pots. Minimum order is 1 box (12 units) per suburb

We also have Carnegie, Mount Martha, Mount Waverly and soon to add Caulfield honey. 

Victorian Honey for Retail

The distinctive flavour, colour and consistency of our seasonally available Victorian varietal & multifloral honeys reflect the unique climate, nectars and pollens of the river flats, orchards, ranges and forest location of each varietal's origins: 

  • Messmate Forest Varietal:  Rich, robust and a hint of roasted hazelnut 

  • Red Gum Forest Varietal: Luscious, smooth with hints of spice 

  • Yellow Gum Forest Varietal:  Golden Aussie family classic 

  • Citrus Grove Varietal: Aromatic, bursting with light summer citrus zest 

  • Victorian Multifloral: unique to the floral abundance and landscape seasonality of Victoria’s remnant indigenous foothill forests and woodlands. Moonambel a lighter, sunny blend. Goulburn Valley a stronger, woody flavour.

All honey available in 330g pots. Minimum order is 1 box (12 units) per suburb.

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Honey and Honeycomb for Food Service

All of our honeys are available in bulk for food service, provided in 14kg tubs. We can make suggestions based on what you're using the honey for and also offer complementary tastings. Premium raw honeycomb frames available for re-sale or foodservice. Our fully wax capped honeycomb means you are getting the ripest honey. Perfect for grazing tables, cheese boards or to cut and sell as individual portions. Display cases also available upon request. Beeswax available in 600g units for food service or craft. 

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