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Backyard bees melbourne swarm removal

Hive Hosting Program

Our bee keeping services help increase local biodiversity and local food security

Have you dreamed of having your own beehive but not sure if you have the time or expertise to manage the job? Our Hive Hosting program is a great way to introduce a beehive to you property and have it expertly maintained by the Backyard Honey beekeepers.


Bees are so important! Did you know that 1 in 3 mouthfuls of food are dependent on bee pollination?


In addition to pollinating local gardens, sentinel urban hives maintained by expert beekeepers play a critical role in early detection of diseases that can affect bee populations. Hive hosting or sponsorship is a great way to Bee Local.

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Host or purchase a healthy honeybee colony and hive and enjoy the benefits of:
  • Raw unheated honey straight from the hive

  • Contributing to the pollination of gardens within an 4 km radius of your hive

  • Maintaining a viable disease-free pollinator population

  • Taking positive environmental action

  • Local food production

The Apiary Code of Practice standards for the general placement and management of hives in Victoria can be accessed here. Please contact the Backyard Honey beekeeper for more information and general apiary enquiry.

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The Backyard Honey beekeepers make this process easy. They provide the necessary hive and apiary skills to safely install and maintain a honeybee hive in your own backyard - sit back and enjoy the bees and honey, we'll take care of the rest. We currently service suburbs in Stonnington, Boroondara, Port Phillip, White Horse, Bayside (as far as Sandringham), Glen Eira, Yarra City, Merri-Bek, Darebin and City of Melbourne. If your suburb is outside of this, you're welcome to still inquire in case of expansion.

Our current service area

Melbourne Bee Swarm Relocation

Safe, efficient, bee swarm removal

Backyard Honey's expert beekeepers provide safe, efficient bee swarm removal services across Bayside, Stonnington, Boroondara, Port Phillip & Melbourne areas. Our swarm removal service involves relocating bee swarms to more suitable locations.

The most important advice we can provide you is that no beehive or swarm is looking to attack you. It is important to stay calm and contact us.

Bees only become aggressive when provoked. The best course of action is to leave them alone until the swarm is relocated.

For further assistance we advise you to contact us immediately. Phone  0451 411 621

What is a bee swarm?

A bee swarm occurs when a queen and half the colony (approximately 20,000 bees) decide to leave their current hive to set up a new hive. When the bees leave the hive, they only fly a short distance, normally less than 1km. Swarming bees stop to rest when the Queen Bee stops.

When this happens, the bees form a protective ball around their Queen, normally about the size of a football. The swarming bees (the swarm) often settle on a tree branch 1 or 2 metres above the ground. The bees wait there until a few scout bees find a suitable long-term nesting site. Bee swarms usually occur in Spring and Summer.

Melbourne Bee Nest Removal

Choose Safe Bee Nest Relocation 

Backyard Honey provide specialist bee nest advice and relocation services. In many cases bee nests can be safely relocated into a hive and placed in a suitable location.

Permanent relocation of bee nests is preferable to poisoning bee nests. Poisoning is not recommended.


Poisoning is only effective for the life of the poison or until other bees, attracted by the remaining wax and honey, decide to move in to the space. Bees robbing honey from a recently poisoned nest can also unnecessarily spread the poison to other well managed local beehives 


What is a bee nest?


​A bee nest is a colony of bees that have established themselves in a wall cavity, a possum box, a compost bin or hollow tree 


Bee nests should not be ignored. 


An established bee nest is very unlikely to move on of it’s own accord. Unmanaged nests will spread disease and do give rise to swarms.


Bees in a hollow tree indicates about a 20 litre cavity inside the tree. The tree is likely to be structurally unsound / unsafe. It is not possible to remove bees from a hollow tree without cutting open the hollow.


Contact us to enquire about our bee nest relocation services.

Wasp Removal

Don't leave pests unattended

Is it a wasp or is it a bee? Either way, our expert team will handle the safe removal from your property. If you've spotted a wasp nest in or around your home or business, it's important to handle the situation with care. Wasp stings can be painful and potentially life-threatening, and these insects can also cause damage to your property over time.

Wasps often build their nests in the cavities of structures, which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked. A wasp nest in a cavity can eat away at the plaster and cause bubbling in your walls or ceilings.


Don't take any chances with wasps on your property. If you spot a nest, call us for expert wasp nest removal. Our Bee Teamhave the skills and tools needed to safely remove these pests and keep your property protected. Contact us today to learn more!

Other Bee Management Services

We can do it all.

Honey Extraction:

Already own a hive but don’t have the time or experience to extract the honey yourself? Backyard Honey provides a Honey Extraction and Bottling Service.

For more information or general queries about Backyard Honey Extraction and Bottling Service contact us.

Hive Maintenance:

​Backyard Honey apiary experts provide Bee-Hive Maintenance and Apiary Advice. We understand not everyone who owns a hive has the time or experience to properly maintain it. For more information or general queries about Backyard Honey Hive Maintenance contact us.


Introducing a new Queen bee to a colony can increase productivity, lessen the number of swarms, and lead to gentler easier to handle bees. Swapping Queen bees can be a very difficult task. For more information or general queries about Backyard Honey Re-queening Services contact us.

Corporate Partnerships

Learn more about our corporate partnership offering by visiting this page

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