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Image by Kai Wenzel

Pollinator Partner Program

Our Pollinator Partner Program helps organisations engage in positive environmental action in support of our pollinators. The program is flexible and customised to your company culture with options to engage in: 

•    Hive Sponsorship including honey for staff to enjoy straight from your sponsored hive

•    Education Sessions tailored to the occasion
•    Ethical Gifting

The option to include live bees, in our fully enclosed perspex beehive, brings the presentations to life.

Enquire about joining our Pollinator Partner Program.

Sponsor a Hive

Hive sponsorship is a risk free solution to having your own beehives on site, plus it can be a healthier solution for bees as we can ensure they are placed in an area with an abundance of flora around.

Through our Pollinator Partner Program, we offer organisations the opportunity to sponsor a bee hive off-site for 12 months and receive 10kg of honey, jarred and custom labelled. Your hive is labelled and you'll be given updates throughout the Season which can be used to educate staff and your network about the lifecycle of bees. Hive sponsorship is a great way to contribute to the wellbeing of local bees and provides you with a sustainable gift to share with staff and key partners. 

To register your interest and learn more about pricing, please email us.

Education & Staff Wellbeing

Our education sessions aim to enhance positive pollinator awareness through education on why bees are important & what we can do in Australia to protect and support optimum bee health. We can share teamwork principles that can be learned from watching a live bee colony including how to adopt hive mindset and support each other for the greatest rewards.


Content is customised to the audience and the event. Previously we have worked with organisations for World Bee Day, Earth Day, sales kick-offs, team off-sites and environmental initiatives.

With the option to add a honey tastings and small jar gifts, you can really bring a buzz to next team offsite or event. 

Sustainable Gifting

Support urban bee populations with the gift of local Honey to staff, partners and customers. Custom packaging and partner offerings available to create a personalised gift that promotes positive environmental action.


Honey can be harvested from your Sponsored Hive, or choose from our range of local Melbourne honey. Available in two sizes, 330g and 50g pocket points. 

Please email us for pricing and to discuss custom gifts. 

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