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Meet Henry and Mary, the Busy Bees behind Backyard Honey looking to inspire the next generation of beekeepers, drive awareness of the importance of urban bee populations and help locals support Australian beekeepers through the purchase of local honey and hive hosting.

A cancelled overseas career sabbatical in 2020 meant the pair were open to new ideas, so when Peter and Jane Dyer were selling the business and looking to hand the reigns over to an energetic, community-driven couple, it was a sweet story.

Today, Henry and Mary are supported by an A-Team Bee Team who hand-tend to over 250 hives across Victoria. In between beekeeping and running the day to day operations of the business you'll find Henry and Mary (and Roger the Cavoodle) sipping the best coffees through Melbourne and enjoying a hit of tennis.

Backyard bees melbourne swarm removal


Meet our wonderful Bee Team: the next generation of Beekeepers and Pollinator Advocators.

Interested in working with us as a Summer casual or completing your work experience across beekeeping, admin or marketing? Please get in touch

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