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raw local melbourne honey

Raw Australian Honey 

Backyard Honey's 100% Australian pure raw fully-ripe honeys are naturally made by the bees and harvested by the beekeepers from hand-tended hives located among some of Australia’s finest multi-floral gardens.


Our 100% raw honeys are cold extracted, unpasteurised, chemical free and have Kosher Australia Accreditation. Each pot contains all the natural nutritional goodness and medicinal value of Australian nectars and pollens. No added chemicals, preservatives. antibiotics or C4 sugars (sugar, maize and corn syrup). 

Discover more about the important benefits of using a 100 % local harvested honey sourced from a trusted local beekeeper here.

Our Range

All honey is available in 330g pots and on the side label of each pot you can see where the honey is gathered from - see full range here and find your local stockist. We offer three main varieties of honey:

Melbourne Multifloral Honey  

The taste, flavour, consistency and colour of Backyard Honey’s pure raw unheated multi-floral Melbourne honeys reflect the floral abundance and landscape seasonality of Melbourne gardens. Each hive and Season produces a unique, small batch honey that is then tripled strained by our Bee Team to deliver a premium quality honey. On the side of each pot, you'll find when and where the honey was extracted from with over 15 suburbs to choose from in addition to all up Gardens of Melbourne blend.

Victorian Multifloral Honey

The taste, flavour, consistency and colour of Backyard Honey’s pure raw unheated multi-floral regional Victorian honey reflect the floral abundance and landscape seasonality of Victoria’s remnant indigenous foothill forests and woodlands. 


Victorian Varietal Honey

The distinctive flavour, colour and consistency of our seasonally available Victorian varietal honeys reflect the unique climate, nectars and pollens of the river flats, orchards, ranges and forest location of each varietal's origins: 

  • Messmate Forest Varietal:  Rich, robust and a hint of roasted hazelnut 

  • Red Gum Forest Varietal: Luscious, smooth with hints of spice 

  • Yellow Gum Forest Varietal:  Golden Aussie family classic 

  • Citrus Grove Varietal: Aromatic, bursting with light summer citrus zest 


NOTE:  Crystallisation is a natural process that can be reversed by placing pots of honey in a warm water bath or in oven, less than 45 C. Temperatures above 45C will diminish the natural health benefits of the honeys.​

Raw Honeycomb Frames

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance or sophistication to your next cheese platter, why not consider some raw honeycomb, straight from the hive as nature intended. Our frames of raw honeycomb are fully ripe, pulled straight from the hive and never heated. Whether you're a wine bar, restaurant, hotel, deli or something in between, our premium, raw honeycomb frames will delight all customers. Please send us an inquiry for pricing and availability.

Medicinal Benefits

More health benefits to honey than you think

Backyard Honey’s 100% real, raw, cold extracted gourmet Australian honeys are harvested and packed by the beekeepers to retain maximum bio-activity, vitamins, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Our fully ripe honey is gluten free, contains no added preservatives, antibiotics or C4 sugars.

The natural antiseptic qualities of our honeys will help relieve a sore throat and provide natural topical aid for cuts and burns. Our honeys are a natural prebiotic and digestive aid. Regular use may reduce the severity of seasonal local pollen allergy. A spoonful of raw honey an hour before bed may help insomniacs sleep better.

For more information on the medical benefits of 100% pure, raw honey. Click here.

NOTE 100% pure raw unpasteurized honeys are not recommended for infants 0 - 12 months. Precautions may need to be taken by some customers in case of allergens associated with bee products.

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