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Did you know bees will visit over 1 million flowers to make this jar of honey?! No wonder it's so precious.

Our Gardens of Melbourne honey is a blend of all the hives we manage across backyards in Melbourne ranging from Heidelberg to Sandringham and 20+ suburbs in between. Local suburb honey can be found in store out at our stockists.

Each hive and Season produces a unique, small batch honey that is then tripled strained by our Bee Team to deliver a premium quality. 

Our honey is harvested and packed to retain all the good stuff! We don't heat it to ensure you can enjoy all the natural health benefits and we certainly don't add anything to it.


With over 100 different pollens in each jar, the honey can help build immunity and provide relief to local allergies.

Purchasing local honey supports responsible urban beekeeping. Thank YOU for choosing to Bee Local!

Gift Packs & Beeswax

Give the sweetest gift to a loved or yourself and enjoy a diverse range of 100% raw Australian honeys. This value-pack includes:

  • 1 x 330g Gardens of Melbourne jar

  • 1 x 330g Victorian Citrus jar

  • 1 x 330g Victorian Red Gum jar


The different colour and taste of each jar is reflective of the local flora where the hives are located. Honey never goes off so you can enjoy rotating through the jars depending on what you are eating, cooking or drinking.

Pure Australian beeswax available in 600g blocks.


This beeswax is perfect for candles, beeswax wraps, furniture polish and skincare.


Some colour variations may apply depending what is available each Season.


For 2023 orders, pellets will be the colour as per picture.

Small Honey Jars & Wedding Favours

Are you looking for the sweetest gift to delight guests at your next event? Our 50g small jars of local multifloral honey make the perfect wedding favours, hamper feature or corporate gift. 

Our small jars can be packaged unlabelled, or labelled using one of the 7 designs in our gallery. Or, make your own design via Canva and we'll organise the rest.

Use the inquiry form below to get a personalised quote. For something custom, use the 'custom design' drop down and provide us with details at time of submission. 

Small Honey Jar Order Enquiry

Thanks! We'll bee in touch soon.

Bee Local with Backyard Honey Merch

Designed by our very own Beekeeper Angus and produced locally here in Melbourne, help spread the Bee Local message with our Backyard Honey merchandise. Get ready for summer with one of our T-Shirt designs or stock up on gifts for loved ones with tea towels and tote bags. All orders & shipping are handled by Das Automat, in Melbourne. 

Meet the Designer

Angus Matthews

Angus is not just a wizard in the apiary but also when it comes to drawing. After drawing up some new Backyard Honey tee designs in his spare time, it was clear he had a knack so we've partnered with Angus to launch our new merchandise store. Angus can create merchandise designs for your business, community group, school fair or big event. Contact Angus to request a quote:


m: ‭+61 447 976 419‬


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